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AuditDX specializes in member client's with 25 to 200 employees in the areas of hospitality, financial, automobile, telecommunications, restaurants, institutions, hotels & spas. Read more...

About us

As part of SectorConnect, Ltd, we furnish clients with guidance on their operational needs, conduct outsourced services such as employee background checks, accounts payable, accounts receivable, factoring, merchant services & employee travel needs.

Our specialists are experts at expense management, controlling overhead and variable costs, while maximizing return on capital investments.

The team excels at scrutinizing supplier & vendor invoices to reduce duplicate, unauthorized or erroneous charges, uncovering an average of nearly $ 5,000,000 a year in over-billings, errors and accounting violations, AuditDX usually pays for it's retainer within the first 48 hours.

SectorConnect is a full service consultancy, concentrating on client's with between 25 and 200 employees, which share a common vision of core qualities.

There are five distinct service areas within the consultancy. These are: